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  1. I don’t do anything magic!
    I captured the whole sequence with the Mikrokular this morning (2 disc images and 2 prominence images with the barlow, a spot image with the barlow, 1 disc image and 1 prominence image with the focal reducer, and 1 white light image with the 80mm and barlow) in about 15 minutes. (Still in my dressing gown!). Thats 8 avis altogether. Each capture was a 200 frame avi (10 seconds-ish). This morning I wasn’t happy with the spot avi so I went back and did another one an hour later – that’s unusual though. I then stacked and wavelet sharpened in Registax 6 and processed in GIMP – that takes longer.
    How about I do a talk/demo on what I do at RAG starting with the raw avis?

  2. Hi Roger
    I think the detail in your pictures of the sunspot is amazing. I find that vibration affects my views with my Quark but here your photos look straight past the seeing. I would love to take pictures like this. Can I come over and spend some time with you one day to learn how to take pictures like this?

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