Spectrum of Mars & Moon using CCDSPEC

Using CCDSPEC, from Lichfield, clear in these early hours – sadly forecast to be cloudy tonight for the total lunar eclipse.

I am enjoying this spectroscopy lark!

Using tonight Sky Watcher Equinox Pro 80mm on undriven Manfrotto mount – hand guided using 10mm eyepiece. Surprised to find I needed a focus tube extension tube to achieve focus – opposite to what I had expected.

Richard Walker’s book “Spectral Atlas for Amateur Astronomers” notes that the spectrum of Mars and the Moon are both reflection spectra from the Sun. In neither case does the planet significantly change the spectrum so both ought to look very like the solar spectrum – which mine indeed do.


Below is my first cosmological spectrum – of Mars at opposition.

And of the Moon (clouds partially covered it):

Spectra produced using MySpectra software:



Compare above to Dr Elliott’s sample spectrum of the Sun (actually clear sky – daylight = Sun):


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