Spectra of coloured LED torches & white LED & Compact Fluorescent Bulb taken using DIY Spectrometer, ATM beam-splitter telescope-optical fiber connector, Sky Watcher Equinox Pro 80mm

I connected the DIY Spectrometer to my Sky Watcher Equinox Pro 80mm telescope for the first time using my ATM beam-splitter telescope-optical fiber connector.


Spectrum of white light LED ceiling light:

Spectrum of white light LED wall light – similar spectrum visible but intensity significantly reduced as fainter light:

Spectrum of Compact Fluorescent ceiling light:

Spectra of variety of coloured LED torches. Each of these torches are white light LED torches. I have used coloured balloons over the end of the torches as filters. Note that the frequency of the peaks on the spectrum moves to higher pixel readings on the x-axis as the colour moves from blue to green to orange:

Blue torch:

Green torch:

Orange torch:

Pink torch – pink and red do not register on the spectra below because their wavelengths are outside the range of the spectrometer:

Red torch – red is outside the range of the spectrometer but an element of colour is being picked up on the spectrum due to the fact that the balloon is not a perfect filter:

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