Something old, something new 10/11/2016

From: Roger Samworth
Sent: 08 November 2016 17:31
Subject: Something old, something new


Paul Bertenshaw came over last night to see the PD put through its paces.

Despite the usual “demonstration effect” getting the way (tripping over cables, picking the wrong alignment star etc) we managed to image 6 DSOs in a couple of hours. Some old favourites and 2 I hadn’t imaged before.

  • M1 (the “Crab”) is always good value and a fairly easy target.
  • M37 in Auriga is quite large for the SCT/PD, but most of it is there.
  • NGC 2158 is that little cluster near M35 in Gemini that is often difficult to spot visually.
  • NGC 672 in Triangulum was a new one to me.
  • M33 is always awkward, being so large, with a very low surface brightness. This image is just the central bit.
  • NGC 2392 (the “Eskimo” nebula) in Gemini was also a new one. The best of the bunch, I think.

It was now gone midnight, and very cold. This is good for imaging, but was beginning to pose a severe health risk for the local brass monkeys, so we packed up.


m1_samworth_071116 m33_samworth_071116 m37_samworth_071116 ngc672_samworth_071116 ngc2158_samworth_071116 ngc2392_samworth_081116

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