Solar Observing Safety!!!

Here’s the reason I’ m always banging on the drum when I talk to the group about safety when viewing the sun.

Just to show you how quickly and easily things can go very badly wrong with solar observing, I set my scope up the other day to look at the sun and couldn’t understand why I was seeing nothing at first, then I started getting some images
When I removed my Hydrogen Alpha filter later , I realised that I had actually left the dust cap on, hence why I was not seeing anything. As you can see, the sun sorted that out for me very quickly!
And I’m supposed to know what I’m doing !!!!

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  1. That’s a very graphic illustration of why you can’t look at the sun direct.
    I had a similar occurrence when I forgot about the finder scope also being in line of sight with the sun. The internal plastic cross hairs melted very quickly.
    So everyone take heed of Ed’s words and don’t look direct at the sun……..don’t forget the finder scope.

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