Solar images from Lichfield 23/2/2019

Solar Photographs using Samsung S7 Phone in Celestron NexYZ smartphone holder on Tele Vue 8-24mm eyepiece (24mm setting) on Sky Watcher DayStar Quark Hydrogen Alpha eyepiece on Manfrotto mount.

Chance to try out the NexYZ on solar imaging. Could not get it to work with Tele Vue 32mm Plossl for some reason but worked with 8-24mm Tele Vue zoom eyepiece on 24mm setting.

Detail of edge of Sun shown in photos below – no major prominences today according to GONG ( The fuzz on edge of Sun is real – it represents prominence activity all around the Sun – the photos are not out of focus.


Images show well that edge of Sun is not a sharp edge but a fuzz of small prominence activity:

Following image repeated 3x – no major prominences today but this one shows a very faint prominence which is not easily seen in first image but more obvious in next two where I have emphasised it with some processing in GIMP2 software:



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