Snatched from the Jaws of Failure

Last night I discovered my guiding disaster at Rosliston was because my laptop woudln’t work with my camera any more. Sorted today by removing and reinstalling the ZWO drivers.

For last night, I had to spend nearly an hour getting my Touptec Mono to guide for me.

Then this morning, really struggled to process my data, in the end I found putting the autosave.tiff file into Astra Image worked. 1hr 35 minutes of 5-minute subs, 130P-DS, 450D, modded and cooled. HEQ5, guided.

North America Nebula in Ha
North America Nebula in Ha


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  1. This is absolutely gorgeous – I really like the monochrome nature of the image and the detail is blistering!
    How do you do it?
    Like an artist you struggled and produced something amazing!

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