Small harvest , poor sky.

Swadlincote 19/9/17 Celestron C6r.

Some darkness, but moisture in the air and movement didn’t produce wonderful views. A good tester is iota Triangulum, giving a yellow / red pair split by 3.8″ (SAO 055347). This however was a tease to separate , but colour showed well.

I had a shot at open clusters with dense star clouds, NGC 659 in Cassiopeia,NGC 6939 in Cepheus and NGC 6756 ( appears like a globular cluster) in Aquila. “Grafts cluster ” IC 4756 , in Serpens ,was beached apart from a bright array.

Then changed track and put in an Oiii filter in a 23mm to spot planetary nebulae. M17 was low in the south , but appeared as did the “ghost of the Moon”, NGC 6781.Followed by the small “bow tie”Cepheus,(NGC 40), “cat’s eye” Draco,(NGC 6543), “blue snowball ” Andromeda (NGC 7662), the “blue flash”(NGC 6905).

No great guns here, but they stood out defined from the darkened background. Waiting for some decent clear skies ! Nick.


This view of the Swan nebula was on a very good night from Swadlincote , dark sky for some ! Very surprised to get this and goes down well with guests.

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  1. I didn’t have a UHC filter back in 2009 when I did my sketch! (I have now). Does it make much difference? The PD image didn’t have any filters either.

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