Skywatcher Explorer 130P with AZ EQ Mount

Hi All , I have been reviewing what telescope to buy for a while and at the forthcoming IAS I hope to see some in the flesh and decide. While on the internet, I found on a mount that can be converted from Alt Az to EQ used on the Skywatcher Explorer 130P – see link and photo (although I would prefer the 150P).

Does anyone have experience of this type of mount. I have no experience of actually using an astronomical telescope, but can any EQ mount be used in Alt Az mode just be aligning the polar axis vertically? I would be interested in the views of anyone with experience of a mount designed to be converted  from one type to another? Are they a compromise that end up not performing well in either mode? Thanks in advance.

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  1. HI Paul,

    I think these are designed to be much more straightforward to use in Alt-Az mode, moving a standard GEQ horizontal is quite a drawn out affair and with the liability of ending up with a bent adjustment bolt.

    Comments I’ve seem from users of the Skywatcher alt-az mounts seem to be positive.
    This new mount also seems good solution for people who want to image using cameras and small telescopes:

  2. Any eq mount may be used as an alt az , just put the counterweight bar in a horizontal position .

    Appears that there is no collimation to the primary mirror of your highlighted scope.Not a problem unless you give it a knock.
    IAS is the place to get to see the size , weight and price of scopes.
    Best to start at the sky end and decide what you’re mainly interested in observing. There is no one scope does it all.
    For starting out the Sky watcher 200p Dobsonian will keep you happy for years. That’s assuming you have the storage space and able to manage to move it .

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