Sharpless objects

This is a group of Sharpless objects: sh2-254, 255, 256, 257, 258, and 259

Still no PHD so again this is 2minutes x 23 unguided in Ha.

Just to guide you through, 254 is the largest nebula on the top. 257 is the next one down. 256 is the small one on the right of 257, and 255 is the lowest of the main group. Now for the difficult ones. 258 is very faint and small just below 255, by the width of 255 (on the left of two small adjacent stars). 259 is to the right of the main nebula 254 just above two bright stars near the edge of the image and again is faint.



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  1. Thanks Andy.
    These Sharpless objects can be a bit tricky, ranging in size from 1080′ (sh2-109) to just 1′, (there are two @ 1′ in the image), and from very bright and obvious to very dim and difficult to see. Need to get my guiding up and running to improve the images.

  2. Thanks for another fantastic photo, Geoff!
    Keep ’em coming!
    I love these grayscale images – too much emphasis on colour these days.
    Plus you are looking at some less commonly imaged objects.
    …..And I can only dream of taking photos like these!

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