SH2-231,232,233 and 235

Hi All,

This is probably the last large group of Sharpless objects I have left to image. There are 4 nebulae and 2 planetary in the capture.

232 is the large nebula in the center. It has mid-range brightness (2) and 40′ wide. A planetary nebula (PNG173.5+03.2)is just to the right of the bright star in the center and has a mag of +18, (if you can see it). Just above 232 to the right is 235. This is an emission nebula, listed as bright(3) and 10′. At the 3 o’clock position is the planetary PNG173.7+02.7,at just 30″ it was only discovered in 1985. Above 235 is 231.Another emission nebula,  mid-range brightness (2) and 12′ in size. Finally, the baby of the group is 233 which is above 231. It is mid-range (2) and only 2′.

The catalogues list the group as requiring an exposure of 21hrs to give an HaRGB image @ f4. I’m not going there just yet, I’m sticking to just Ha!! Even so, this is 62×2 minute subs @f2.8 (guiding not working when I took this).


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