Took this last night after Lee had adjusted the alignment of the two scopes last week, so that they actually look at the same thing!

Forecast last night was for a clearance at 2200hrs. So at 2015 I looked outside to see clear skies. Rushed out and set up. After 2 restarts and guiding aligned 3 times I was ready to start at 2200hrs. Guess what? Total cloud cover! So I decided to wait a while and 40 minutes later the skies cleared. However my target was to have been the dumbbell but it was now dropping in the West below the obsy wall. After a quick search on SkyMap Pro I found this at a nice angle with 1hr 50mins to the Meridian. Also noticed that it is small at 6 minutes so just right for the new scope FOV at 16×22 minutes. This is taken in Ha with 19x 4minute subs. There seems to be a bit of a controversy about whether the object is an Ha one or if it is a reflection one that is shining through the dust layers. Anyway, this is the full FOV image with the 6inch RC.



Forgot to mention this object is called “The Northern Trifid” because it resembles the famous trifid nebula in the celestial south



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