SH2-112 &115 – 3/11/2016

From Geoff Dryland




I imaged these two in one frame. Couldn’t quite get in SH2-116 which is just off the top of the frame.

Ha: 20 x 6 minute

O3: 10 x 6 minute

S2: 10 x 6 minute

Sending 3 images, Ha, RGB, Hubble.

May have to get more data on the O3 and S2 to make a better job of the Hubble.

SH2-112 was a lot brighter than I expected. I could see parts of it when framing the shot in Luminance at 5 second exposure! May be able to see it visually.

I’ll send the full images via Bigmail.


sh2-112-115 sh2-112hubble sh2-112rgb

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