Searching for micrometeorites on my roof in Lichfield

Having seen it done on BBC Sky at Night TV programme, I decided to have a go myself. For the last few weeks, I have put a strip of wood with neodychromium magnets screwed onto it in the gutter from our roof……in the hope of picking up these tiny visitors from the solar system. If I find them, they will be round/egg shaped from melting as they heat up in the Earth’s atmosphere during their fall to the ground (roof).

As you can see below, I washed off what was stuck to the magnets, then filtered it and used another neodychromium magnet to try and retrieve magnetic material from what remained. Most of it was organic debris (not sure why that stuck to the magnet!) – but resolutely stuck to magnet and difficult to remove was a reasonable amount metallic dust.

The photos show that sadly this is composed of small angular rust particles – I could not find the tell tale round structures that could be meteorites.

The magnets are back in the gutter.


Extracting possible micrometeorite (magnetic) particles from gutter collector:

What I found – tiny angular pieces of metal (totally opaque as metallic):

Helicon Focus 3D image and model:

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