Science Day @ Rosliston Forestry Centre 4/5/2019

Thanks to all members who turned up for another great outreach event at the forestry centre! A great team of people working hard to make the event a success – you were all brilliant!

Poor forecasts kept the crowd numbers down to below last year’s turnout, but there were still many families and the rocketry and dot-to-dot activities went flat out most of the day.

At the telescopes, we saw a series of four solar prominences develop and change in sequence at the solar limb next to the current sunspot – some great views in clear spots between cloud! Both white light and hydrogen alpha filters were used to show the public these phenomena. Many folks had never viewed the sun or seen a sunspot before. I was also able to view the sunspot in calcium-H filtered light on my scope, although the view was not as spectacular as through the hydrogen alpha filter.

Bob and I set up an aerial to detect meteors by radio scatter – initially unsuccessful until we found a broken wire! Once fixed in a rather Heath Robinson way, we detected a fair number of meteors (a few screenshots below).

Next outreach event is the 7th Lichfield Scouts summer camp next month – see you there!


Meteors detected by radio scatter today:


Rocket launching next to the Peter Bolas Observatory:


Telescope field and Training Room:


Making a hole to insert bottom of meteor radio scatter aerial:


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