Scale for focussing tube

Hi, it’s useful to know the focussing position especially when imaging and using different combinations of filters/ lenses with the camera, although my sky watcher 120 Evostar has a graduated Crayford focuser, the newly acquired ST102 doesn’t, so rather than replace the rack & pinion focuser with a calibrated Crayford I managed to source some transparent adhesive scale tape, which I have attached to barrel, after cleaning the area with some isopropyl alcohol, its still on but have yet to put it to use. The tape was relatively cheap, and I do have an excess of repeating 40cm lengths, so if any one fancies adding a scale to their focussing tube get in contact.


Pete Hill

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  1. Can’t believe no one has taken Pete up on this offer!

    I made a similar scale for the imaging FSQ pre-fitting the Robofocuser – anything that helps get you close to focus point (especially when imaging) is mega useful !

    When it is this easy and relatively cheap, a no-brainer!

    Great idea Pete!


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