Saturn V – is go!

Last year’s Christmas present (to myself)!

Had already got a good half-way through and Andy had helped earlier in the year.

Thought it was about time I finished it, so got Julie involved as she had Lego when little as well (but nothing like this !)

Something different to do together over the Christmas break – makes a change from a jigsaw!

Very cleverly designed to make an internal rigid structure – that can be pulled apart into the three main stages for display purposes.

And ‘1969’ pieces – the little figures included are roughly to scale.

Loved making it, would be quite nice to do the new (7,500 piece) Millennium Falcon next… but perhaps not at… £585 !


The beautifylly illustrated instruction manual…

The last bag to do…

Ready for lift-off !

I don’t think I shall ever grow up!




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