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  1. Hi Andy,

    Neowise – except for the first pic of Neowise (DSS) the others at the waterpark (inclduing moon and mars) were all stacked manually as too few stars and too much noise. It’s doable up to about 10 images if there isn’t any noticeable rotation.

    I bring them all into Photopaint (could use PS) and make the background and layer 1 visible, I set layer 2 to 50% and line it up manually. Then I repeat adding each layer.

    After each layer is aligned I set its transparency to 1/n, so layer 1 is 100%, 2 50%, 3 33%, 4 25% and so on… this has the same effect as stacking with averaging.

    It works very well and shows how you don’t need a huge amount of data to make the difference.

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