Rosliston Forestry Centre Science Day 5/5/2018

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One of the annual forestry centre outreach days, today was a day where members of our group joined with other groups to deliver a range of science-related activities at the forestry centre. The event occurs each year around this same date – the next one is the Night World event in July. This time, it was predicted to be cloudy, but turned out to be beautifully sunny and clear – we could not have asked for more! Being a bank holiday weekend, it led to hundreds of members of the public coming along to the event. Heather helped around 150 people to make rockets which were launched by Peter Hill using the club’s rocket launcher!

At the solar scopes, Ed, Roger, Damian, Nick, Dave, Terry and I demonstrated the sun in white and hydrogen alpha light to a constant queue of people for hours on end (apologies if I missed any one). I managed to get sun-burnt but it was a fantastic day – loads of young families and lots of oohs and ahhs when attendees saw the sun for the first time through a telescope.


Andy (our chairman) in middle talks about astronomy whilst Ed (left) and Peter Hill (right) look on:

Terry at Andy’s solar scope/Quark:

Nick did sterling work talking to the public:

And so did Damian (below) and many others:


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