Rosliston Astronomy Group Great American Solar Eclipse observing event @ the forestry centre 21/8/2017

Damian, Dave Jones and myself met at the forestry centre at 7pm tonight to observe the partial eclipse visible from the UK. Although only around 3-4% eclipse, we wanted to be part of this worldwide celebration – the most widely covered and watched solar eclipse of all time!

In the event, the sky was cloudy and we did not see the sun from Rosliston. However, we were able to stream live views of the eclipse from the USA and had a great time – we must have watched 3 or 4 eclipses! A group of walkers joined myself, Damian Briden and Dave Jones outside the Forestry Centre – we were even able to view the solar eclipse in the location in the US where Pete Hill, one of our members had gone on holiday.

I include photos below.



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