Rob Leonards processing of my M101 data from 29/9/2019 on 2/10/2019

Hi Andy,

Well- here it is. Once I’d finished I did take a look at Damien’s and I think they’re quite comparable (see what you think) which suggests to me that Pixinsight and Photoshop are 2 different trains that end up at the same station, so to speak.

A couple of thoughts-

– It’s a nice set of data. 1 hour isn’t an enormous amount of time for DSS stuff, but there’s plenty to work with.

– I used the base images and stacked them in DSS before putting them into Pixinsight. I noticed that there appears to be a bit of field rotation between the subs- I don’t know if that’s a product of polar alignment being a little out? Guiding will overcome this.

– On the initial stretch there was quite a foggy orange colour. Are you using a light pollution filter at all? It appears to me that your light pollution is more sodium based than mine (LEDs where I live) and a basic LP filter may help if you’re not already using one.  I have an under-used 2 inch one if you want to borrow and try out.

– There did appear to be a few dust bunnies. Obviously you’ve supplied some flats- I don’t know if some dust has come on in the meantime since they were made. I hid them by darkening the background. For flats I tend to make new ones each session after I’ve finished. I have a cheapy flats panel that I made using a tracing panel off Amazon and some cardboard.

It’s been fun to have a play! I’ve also been playing with some wide field shots that I took on Sunday- they’re on the blog.



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