Rhys’ photos of deep sky objects taken with hand-held Samsung Note 10+ phone on Orion Optics UK 10 inch Dobsonian Telescope on equatorial platform 15-16/5/2020

Hand-held photos by Rhys.

I was shocked that he was able to take photos of galaxies and show spiral structure (see M51 below), or dust lanes (see M82 Cigar Galaxy below), demonstrate differences in compactness of globular clusters (see M13 and M92 below), and see into the centre of a planetary nebula (see M57 Ring Nebula below).

Demonstrates the impressive capabilities of the camera on the Samsung Note 10+ phone (maximum ISO 3200 setting and maximum aperture (F1.5)), exposure length 1-4 seconds – so also demonstrates Rhys’ ability to hold the camera still! These photos would not be possible without the large 10″ aperture afforded by the Orion Dob, and the ability of the Equatorial Platforms USA equatorial platform (built for 52 degrees North) to stabilise the highly magnified images.

Interestingly, Rhys was unable to photograph these objects with longer focal length eyepieces in most cases (pictures below mostly from 17mm eyepiece) – as he needed a bright enough star in the field of view – he then touched on screen on phone over that star and held it for a second to turn on focus lock for the star. Often the galaxy/cluster could hardly be seen on the phone but once photo taken was evident on the image.

These are all single shots hand-held to the eyepiece.


M13, globular cluster in Hercules:

M92, globular cluster in Hercules:

M82, Cigar Galaxy in Ursa Major:


M51, interacting galaxy pair in Ursa Major:



M57, Ring Nebula in Lyra:


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