Review , books from beginner to ” about there”!

Probably the very best beginners books out there. It’s very comprehensive with guides to equipment and constellations. Experienced observers will get a lot out of this book. It’s written at just the right novice friendly level. It’s so inspiring that you’ll be waiting for a dark clear sky.
It’s very fresh and a lovely introduction into astronomy.



img_4204 img_4205It’s difficult to find books with drawings and descriptions of deep sky objects which don’t include Hubble images. “Observing the Deep Sky” presents a lot of information of the best features of each constellations and some great advice on observing. It’s a great beginners guide which includes a chapter on double stars. If you need a realistic view of what you observe , then this is a great resource.



With lovely realistic eyepiece views and great constellation summaries, this is a book to delve a bit deeper in the sky. There’s lots of information on deep sky objects and binary stars. There are clear charts for finding targets, much better set out and explained than by ” Turn Left at Orion”.

It’s ideal to find some elusive targets and packed with relevant information and details on observing. It’s a book that you’ll return to time and again as constellations come into view. A great resource for the observer off the starting blocks.



Here’s a great book for the more experienced observer. These are indeed some little observed treasures. The author has a few similar books out and goes into great detail about historical and current observing. His writing is very entertaining with amusing figures and names he manages to conjure up from a few stars. If you ‘ve moved on from the Messier’s and would like to explore targets that are worth the time, then this is the very book.

Clear skies ! Nick.


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  1. I am a big fan of Mr O’Meara! The Deep Sky Companions series is superb! Also try “The Secret Deep”.
    There is also his “Herschel 400 Observing Guide” that has photos and descriptions of all the Herschel 400 objects, month by month.

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