Return of Saturn.

Up and out early, quite warm , later temperature just plunged giving a light dew. Not easy with the moon up.

Good view of a very bright NGC 6543 ( “Cat’s eye nebula”) in the head of Draco.Not a lot else doing, had a look at the “double double” and it’s “other”. Catch Sheliak, so many companions , it looks like an open cluster. The whole Summer Triangle was high up, M39, NGC 6910 and M29 were enjoyed in light skies. Difficult to pick up M71 and M56, but they were there. Nothing doing with Jupiter, it was very stable taking over x200.

Finally Saturn cleared the houses and what a view in the frac,sitting on the rings . Not wide open, enough to get the Cassini and storm belts on the surface. It was still obvious to eye at 5.30. Had a shot of drawing it, but it’s come off cad in reality. Just perfect symmetry with Titan nearby, really stunning.

Very enjoyable even with the moon ,

Clear skies ! Nick.

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