Reiner Gamma again – – –

Although not really a Lunar observer, I was intrigued by the Lunar “swirl” discussed by Pete Lawrence on the last “Sky at Night” program. I have already posted a reprocessed image showing this feature at:

Reiner Gamma – the Pete Lawrence Challenge

However I was particularly interested in this bit in Wikipedia:

Reiner Gamma (γ) is a geographical feature of the Moon known as a lunar swirl. It is one of the most visible lunar swirls from Earth, visible from most telescopes.[1] It was originally thought to be a lunar highland, but scientists eventually realized that it cast no shadow on the moon” (My italics)

Tonight it was bang on the terminator, so I decided to get a better (window-sill!) image of it than my previous reprocessed one, so here it is. You can see the shadows cast by the nearby Reiner crater, but indeed, no shadows from Reiner gamma (the white feature that looks a bit like a tadpole with its head to the left)!



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