Recent targets , January 2019.

A decent kick off to the year.i had read so much about variable nebulae and was very surprised to see for the first time , from home , NGC 2261 in Monoceros.This is “Hubble’s variable Nebula” around and illuminated by the star R Monocerotis. Although not directly visible , the Nebula is produced by the star’s birth pangs . Quite obvious at x50 and it took up to x100.The brightest part even looks stellar .

The seeing looked ace , I had not caught a 1″ binary separation for some time. Σ1338 proved astonished easy using a 5mm Vixen LVW eyepiece. I moved the pair around the field of view to check that it wasn’t imagination !

Seeing as Taurus is well placed as darkness falls , a further exploration gave great views of some of the many binaries here ,

Some details for searchers ,

Σ7 and Σ401 appear closed towards each other . SAO 75970
H 1V 98, a bright pair of eyes , facing another pair. SAO 111698
Σ559, a nice close even pair . SAO 94002
Σ749 , close at 1.2″. At 05h37.1m. +26 55′
β87 , close with a faint companion,1.9″. SAO 76571
Σ517, close with a lovely delicate companion. SAO 111705
88 Tauri, a wide view , yellow and red. At 04h35.7m. +10 10′
Σ479, a fine triple with differing magnitudes , lovely view at 04h00.9m. +23 12′.Again , the seeing gave a delightfully open 1.2″ clean split.

Clear skies ! Nick.

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