Re-calibrating CCDSPEC/QHY6 combination for photos taken with EZCAP Image Acquisition software rather than Nebulosity software 4/8/2018

This follows on from my post yesterday:

Image interlacing with QHY6 camera attached to CCDSPEC spectrometer: EZCAP vs Nebulosity 4 software for image acquisition

When I was testing the effect of different image acquisition software programmes on whether interlacing appeared on spectra images taken with the QHY6 camera attached to my CCDSPEC spectrometer yesterday, I noticed that the wavelengths recorded on the x-axis differed for similar peaks on the compact fluorescent bulb spectrum between images recorded with EZCAP software vs Nebulosity 4 software. The calibration file used was the same – it had been created after calibration using a compact fluorescent bulb with the same hardware and using Nebulosity 4.
I therefore needed to recalibrate the CCDSPEC/QHY6 for when I use EZCAP.

Calibration files for CCDSPEC/QHY6/EZCAP can be downloaded here – I managed to get within 1 nm of true peak values:

Calibration CCDSPEC QHY6 EZCAP Compact flourescent bulb 030818

Calibration spectrum taken using CCDSPEC/QHY6 with EZCAP image acquisition software – Compact fluorescent bulb – images taken 3/8/2018 and processed 4/8/2018:

The reason for needing to recalibrate when different image acquisition software packages are used is discussed in Dr Elliott’s post 5/8/2018:

Why different image acquisition software programmes result in need to recalibrate CCDSPEC/QHY6


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