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With a clear (cold) night forecast and no school the next day last night was a great and rare chance to do some family astronomy, so we invited Ben and mum Jules over. Mindful of the plunging temperature I lit a fire in the back garden and set up both the 130 pds with the Go-to and camera and got the Dob out.

Fire or not, it was a bit parky to stay out for long, but we still had the chance to do a round of the Crab Nebula, The Orion Nebula, Betelgeuse and Andromeda and discuss each one.  There was lots of discussion of “that splodge there” and so on, and it was great to be sociable whilst looking up at the sky! Hope the weather is kind to us and it’s not too long before we do it again.

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  1. The PD camera is ideal for this sort of thing. As it is a video camera, you can plug it straight into a TV – inside or out – then lots of people can watch at once (in the warm!)

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