Quit whilst you’re ahead !

Had this email from Paul, who paid the club a visit from St.Helens to get his mount sorted out. Still think he’s barking (up the wrong tree !), you either don’t fix what doesn’t need fixing or you quit when you’re ahead.

Either that or stop keeping fish ! Nicko.


“Got to tell you this unbelievable what I did, I keep a bucket outside save water for my fish tank anyway dropped my BST 18mm in it dried it but could see a spot on it which turned out to be internal. Took it apart cleaned it put it back together had it in the scope and it was oval must of messed one of the lens up so took the 12mm apart to check all the glass fell out did not know which way orientate the glass so thought take 25mm apart be very very careful, glass did not come out so tapped it on table on a cloth well two of the lens must of clanged together and cracked it. Had to ring Alan at skies the limit he said send the 18 and 12 off to him just cover postage and I have had to buy a new 25mm. 

Paul ”

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