Proof that new tilt adapter removed Newton’s Rings and that cling film is good for flat fields on solar images!

This post follows from my previous post:

Adding tilt adapter to my Daystar hydrogen Quark filter

My new Rowan Tilt Adapter has successfully removed Newtons Rings from my solar images…..and cling film (thanks for idea from contributors to Cloudy Nights form) is quite good for getting those elusive solar flat fields in FireCapture!

  • Quark Hydrogen Alpha filter
  • ZWO ASI174MM camera
  • Sky Watcher Equinox Pro 100mm OTA
  • HEQ5 Mount
  • FireCapture software on Windows to capture video
  • Processed in ImPPG and Photoshop CS6


Proof below from picture today (very windy so poor seeing and low contrast so limited solar features visible) – this image 174 frames out of about 1000 taken over 20 seconds – no Newton’s Rings and (relatively) flat field (OK, still some work to do to get this right! Perhaps two layers of cling film…….)

Here is the cling file over the telescope:

Tilt adapter:

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