Pond water from Rosliston Forestry Centre 22/4/2017

After the observatory cleaning and painting session, I used the opportunity to collect a sample of pond water from two ponds at the forestry centre. The following pictures are of a waterflea and mosquito larva in the samples – this is low magnification stuff – using our lowest objective – 4x. The eyepiece is replaced by the Bresser MikroOcular camera.


The following water flea was found in one of the samples – a great find especially as the slide showed very little else! 4x objective, Bresser MikroOcular camera:

Another sample had a number of mosquito larvae – here is one we managed to pipette up. 4x objective, Bresser MikroOcular camera. Both this and the water flea were also usefully observed using 20x fixed magnification student binocular scope we have.


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