Pocket Sky Atlas Challenges, February.

The Pocket Sky Atlas is one of the best field atlases. Monthly challenges are quite fun,


Naked Eye

Wasat and Mebsuta, Page 23.
68, 74, 81 and, 85 Geminorum , Pages 24, 25.
Adhara, Page 27.

Larger Scopes

IC 2149 page 23.
NGC 2266, Page 23.
NGC 2359, Page 27.
NGC 3640 page 34.
NGC 2683, Page 35.

Small Scopes and Binoculars

M44 (“Beehive”), as good as the Pleiades,M67 ( very overlooked)Page 24.
30, 31Xi and 32 Geminorum, Page 25 (30 is listed, the other two are just below it on the same “leg”).
M41, Page 27.

Bonus Objects

Cr 121, Cr 132 and Cr 140, Page 27 (These are all Collinder objects )
Lorenzin Tau LEO, Page 34 ( you’ll have to do some homework on this one!)
Groombridge 1830, Page 32

I have posted other heads up on this blog. I would again extol, Tegmine, Xi in UMa and the wonderful Meissa at the top of Orion. It’s still not to late to catch the “Eskimo Nebula” and for colour “Hind’s Crimson” in Lepus.



I had a shot at making a catalogue of targets on each page, this alone is page 34.

 We’re heading quickly towards spring galaxy time. I have seen nothing but poor skies for the near future. We are lucky that as soon as it get dark, the winter favourites are still around.

Even more exciting are the early mornings.Cygnus and Lyra have returned.  Hercules is already high, look between Arcturus and Vega for the Corona Borealis and the “Keystone”.

However it is the sight of the UMa,Canes Venatici,Coma and Virgo clusters which dominate the views. There are bright and easy targets there, made better by darker skies,