Plain vs Crossed Polarisation various samples LOMO Polam P-113 Microscope

Comparing plain vs crossed polarisation for various samples – all x3.5 magnification as currently this is only objective I have for this microscope – uses special clamp mechanism so my other objectives won’t fit.

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Permian-floodplain-deposit-Robledo-New-Mexico-LOMO-Polam-P113-Crossed-Polars-120518: Excellent birefringement is shown here, and this can be seen varying between the images as polarised filter rotated (below).

Laminated-mudstone-LOMO-Polam-x3-5-plane-polar-120518: Some birefringence evident where crystals form in both images, more so in bottom as the two polarised filters approach 90 degrees orientation to each other (below).

Fossilised-palm-tree-LOMO-Polam-x3-5-plain-polar-120518: Even here some crystal deposition is evident, as shown by coloured areas of birefringence, more evident in second image where polars are crossed (below).

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