This is a Planetary Nebula discovered in 1939 then “lost” till 1989.

The image explains why. Visually this is what you see. In the centre is a “bright” star with 2 faint galaxies in the 8 o’clock position next to it. These are NGC 2475 and 2474 which where mistakenly thought to be the planetary (even SkyMap Pro has them all in the same place). However, the planetary is some 30′ north of these (right in this image). It wasn’t until the narrow band filters came in that the error was discovered. It is now called “The head phone nebula”

This is a quick 8x 4 minuteĀ  in each Ha, O and S. To show where everything is, I’ve used the Takahashi and the Atik 4021 to give a wide field of 103′. The planetary is 7′ x 7′ and shows the difference narrowband makes! I will be going back at the next imaging night for more data and with the RC 6 inch and Atik 314 for a close up look with the FOV of 16′ x21′.

Don’t forget to click on the image to get an expanded view.



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