Photos through Cheshire sight tube and Catseye collimators after Lee has collimated Orion 10″ Dobsonian telescope

The photos below are through my Cheshire colliminating eyepiece sight tube and through Catseye collimators today – latter are 2 x 2″ collimators, one of which at least is a Blackcat collimator. Lee collimated the scope for me on Friday night and I thought it would be useful to keep a record of what the reflections seen through the sight tube should look like when the scope is properly collimated, to help me with my own attempts at collimation in the future.

The wrinkly edge at one side of view is the top of my sofa!

This post follows from the previous one regarding Lee’s collimation on Friday night:

Lee collimates my Orion UK 10″ Dobsonian Telescope


View through Cheshire sight tube:

View through Catseye collimators:

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