Photos of lens on CCDSPEC under finding/tracking eyepiece and slit

The following are photos from the CCDSPEC finding/tracking eyepiece port.


Under the eyepiece is an inbuilt lens to help focus light onto the finding/tracking eyepiece (removed in this photo below):

The following photos below are magnified photos of the surface of the lens that can be seen in the picture above (the first picture taken through 10mm eyepiece focused on the surface of the lens, the next two through a reticle eyepiece (my Meade XY adjustable illuminated eyepiece likewise focused). I am concerned that there appears to be marks on this lens directly in line of sight of the eyepiece, possibly affecting my ability to observe fainter objects during spectrometry sessions – although worth noting that this will not affect the ability of CCDSPEC to collect light for the this lens is only for the visual lens port:

Photos below are of the eyepiece above focused on the spectrometer slit:


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