Photos, video & further data analysis from balloon from Queen Mary’s Grammar School for Boys Walsall Horizon team near-space balloon launch 1/7/2017

The photos and video and further data analysis from the balloon launch are now available & you can see these below – see other posts regarding this near-space balloon launch mission – the closest an amateur astronomer can get to doing what NASA and ESA do with their space missions. The photos in the previous posts were taken off LED screen on the back of the camera – losts of dust bunnies! These better quality images give a far better sense of the incredible experience of launching one of these balloons – RAG definitely must do this!

Andy & Rhys

Video from the launch can be seen here:

Further analyses can be seen in the two documents below, with graphs – the two files show different information:

Celsius Data (PDF file)

UV AND CH4 DATA (Excel .xlsx file)

You can look at previous posts on this mission with further details via these links:

Launching near space balloon Queen Marys Grammar School Walsall 1/7/2017

Initial analysis of science data from Horizon Project near-space high altitude balloon launch Queen Marys Grammar School for boys, Walsall

Photos taken from the balloon:

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