Photographs of solar surface 24-25/6/2020 at different settings on dial of Daystar Hydrogen Quark Filter

I took following photos through my Daystar Hydrogen Quark filter, with different settings on the dial on the filter. This dial varies from -5 to +5, and I wanted to see whether photos were better with one or other setting – those settings vary the tuning of the filter.

  • Sky Watcher Equinox 100m OTA
  • Daystar hydrogen alpha filter

After this analysis, I am still not sure which setting is best! However, visually, and also Damian’s previous assessment, was that setting -5 was most effective for my Quark H filter.

it is worth saying that these photos were taken before I sorted out the flat frames on FireCapture, and the alternate dark and light banding in the photos shows (Newton’s Rings).


+5 setting:

+3 setting:

-3 setting:

-5 setting:

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