Photographs of microscopy of ectopic pregnancy in Fallopian tube Zeiss IM microscope: comparison of images taken using Phil Dyer and Watec video cameras

Now that I have managed to get the video camera working with the microscope, I wanted to compare the colour Phil Dyer video camera images with the black and white (but more sensitive to light) Watec-120N images. Both use same LogiLink USB video frame grabber device and Yawcam software to capture the images.

To get good images I had to remove the blue filter again – this does not seem to work with H&E stained slides like these.



x4 objective:

x20 objective:

x32 objective:


The immediate effect of changing the camera was that the image became a bright white-out – too sensitive – I had to turn the power down on the LED illuminator from full to about 20-25% to be able to see the slide again!!

x20 objective:

x32 objective:

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