Petri dish culture of bacteria and fungi grown following exposure to air 4 days previously – pictures through Zeiss IM microscope using Bresser MikrOkular and Mikrocam 9.0 cameras

I took the opportunity today to try out my new Bresser Mikrocam 9.0 camera on the Zeiss IM microscope. Last Saturday I exposed a Petri dish of Nutrient Agar to the air outside for 4 hours and this has grown a diverse culture of bacteria and fungi.

Both cameras performed well – the Mikrocam though allowed me to zoom in for a higher magnification shot. I used GIMP2 software to sharpen the image and bring out the colours a little to compensate for limitations in illumination.

All pictures taken using Phase 1 annulus on the microscope.

No stains – live culture.

Both Rhys and Hannah had friends around to the house – so they found themselves with an unexpected biology lesson half way through their half term holidays!


Air-exposure-@-4-days-261017-x4-x32-objectives-Ph1-I-bacteria-x4-MikrOkular-camera.bmp (below):

Air-exposure-@-4-days-261017-x4-x32-objectives-Ph1-II-Fungal-spores-MikrOkular-camera.bmp (below):

Air-exposure-@-4-days-261017-x4-x32-objectives-Ph1-III-fungal-stems-fruiting-bodies-MikrOkular-camera.bmp (below):

Air-exposure-@-4-days-261017-x4-x32-objectives-Ph1-IV-fungal-spores-MikrOkular-camera.bmp (below):

Air-exposure-@-4-days-261017-x4-x32-objectives-Ph1-V-bacteria-x32-MikrOkular-camera.bmp (below):

Air-exposure-@-4-days-261017-x4-x32-objectives-Ph1-VI-bacteria-x32-MikrOkular-camera.bmp (below):

Air-exposure-@-4-days-261017-x4-x32-objectives-Ph1-VIII-bacteria-x32-Mikrocam-9-0v4.bmp (below) – I used GIMP2 on following to bring out the detail in the image (brightness, contrast, sharpen, despeckle):

Air-exposure-@-4-days-261017-x4-x32-objectives-Ph1-VIII-bacteria-x32-Mikrocam-9-0v4-small-area-interest.bmp (this is a small area of above image to allow magnification on this website, making use of the 9MB resolution of the camera – individual bacterial cells can now be seen):
In the following image I have taken the area of interest above and changed it to greyscale then used curves to stretch the data – my first attempt at this so please let me know what you think?
Video of protozoa found in culture from air exposed Petri dish – exposed for 4 hours – this sample from 4 days later (AVI):

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