Peter Bolas Observatory – Photos with dome on top

Those of you who were able to join us at a really good meeting this last Friday evening are already aware …… but for those of you who were not able to be there – Friday 26/1/2019 was ‘D’ Day for RAG …… ‘D’ for Dome Day !! ….. see the pictures below.

The Dome had been sitting in its stored location for almost four years – consequently, it was a very weird feeling watching it being transported over to the Observatory site – and eventually being placed in position !

We began negotiations for the Observatory five years ago (at the end of January) ….. and now the building exists ! Actually the access gate was installed as well, on Friday.

The Dome installation isn’t complete – but it is in place ! Then we have the floor and the pier still to be concreted, doors fitted, and electricals installed.

……..and so we progress !



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