Perseid meteor observing in Sorrento, Italy

Although virtually no cloud or precipitation, unfortunately our observing was badly affected by severe light polluition from the mamy hotels, globe lights, cars, scooters and poorly screened street lights.

The hotel came to the rescue allowing Rhys and I to observe from the normally locked roof terrace. Although a lot darker there than elsewhere the Milky Way was only just visible around Cygnus and I had great difficulty finding Hercules due to the light pollution.

Over about an hour around midnight 12-13/8/2018, Rhys observed three meteors and I saw one.

So we managed to observe some but certainly it was not spectacular.

Jupiter was incredibly bright- see photo below together with enlargement of the planet – this is 8x digital zoom on my Samsung S7 smartphone.


Jupiter over Sorrento:

View across Bay of Naples as we attempted to observe meteors earlier in evening:

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  1. Alternatively you could be in a place in France with almost zero light pollution and an 80% chance of clear nights in August. Forecast clear nights this week: 0!

    Murphy’s law is international it seems.

    Hope you have good hols…

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