Permian floodplain deposit 260817 with LOMO MNC-1 polarising microscope

I have included three photos using the Bresser MikrOkular camera below from my thin section of Permian floodplain deposit viewed using my LOMO MNC-1 polarising microscope. I can’t see any obvious fossils. Possible fossils from such floodplains were described in an article by Simon et al in the Journal of Sedimentary Research,

A map of the world in the Permian is not as we would think of it today – a large single continent:

My slide comes from Dona Ana County in New Mexico – its location in the USA and the county map is shown below, together with the area’s stratigraphy:



Permian-floodplain-deposit-260817-0-6x-intermed-lens.bmp (below):

Permian-floodplain-deposit-260817-4x-intermed-lens.bmp (below):

Permian-floodplain-deposit-260817- 7x-intermed-lens.bmp (below):

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