Pelican Nebula 29/10/18 (Part 1?)

A nice week for astronomy so far- finally got my shed “operational” for doing astro pics which is exciting. Still some work to do as I’ve made the roof too heavy and I need to sort out the inside, but having proven it was weather-proof and with clear skies beckoning I couldn’t resist the temptation to move all the gear in and get it going. I haven’t quite got the Roger levels of convenience where I can do it in my pyjamas, but the setup time to take an image has dropped to 10-15 minutes.

I decided to image the Pelican (and then found out Ken was on the same target!). Sundays subs were in Ha and Mondays were colour. Sunday’s data looks promising, but with time scarce I’ve processed the colour data first. When I get some more time to teach myself how, I’ll try to enhance this picture with the Ha data, but for now here’s the colour version.

22×5 minute subs + darks, flats & bias.


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