Pegasus Dwarf Galaxy

Hi All.

This is the first attempt at the Pegasus Dwarf Galaxy. Believe me it is there! It’s very faint just to the right of the ring file re-enforcement ring in the middle.

I couldn’t work out where the dust bunnies had come from as I had cleaned the filters and the the camera.

I then took the filter wheel apart and cleaned it all over again, plus the filter and the camera.


The second image is 2 hours of luminance in 5 minute subs.

There are 2 other galaxies in the image, one at 16.5 mag, the other at 16.7 mag. Can you spot them?


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  1. Brilliant Geoff. Mind you, I thought you had discovered a cluster of rare annular galaxies – – -!
    Hickson challenge next?

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