Pairs in Bootes.

Swadlincote.2/4/17 C6r.

Before we wander off into binary land, it was a lovely still night, giving some galaxy views , at last. I also waited for Jupiter to rise high and caught not only Europa’s shadow as a black clear dot along one of the finer belts, but it’s white pea appearance as it popped from the disc. Focus came and went on the disc, but around x150, it cleared transiently.
The gorgeous group of ΟΣ 341 (SAO 86723) is worth finding. It’s a multiple going from A to G stars in Hercules.

Into Bootes.
Izar , is one of the finest, with the companion just out of the diffraction at 3.0″ and 186AU on the ground.

Alkaluops is a beautiful triple, concentrate on the companion, 108″ apart and dividing into a lovely pair split by 2.2″. Deep Joy !

ι Bootis (SAO 29071) “Asellus Secundus” and a wide split of 38.8″ at 1130AU.

Xi Bootes (SAO 101250) and two sub solar size stars here at 5.5″ and 43.3AU, plenty colour here, reports from orange and purple !

ΟΣ 298 (SAO 64800) and a close 1.2″ split giving a sunny 27.6AU.

Σ 1879 (SAO 120651) giving a wider (yikes!) split at 1.7″ at 79.4.

Many many other stars here to fill your Bootes !
Clear skies !

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