My new baby – Sky Watcher SkyMax Maksutov 180mm

Well, new to me any way. 2nd hand off AB&S – bought specifically for planets.

“First Light” (for me) was on Tuesday night – Mars big – limited detail as very windy but held planet in field of view quite a few minutes – some surface detail but hoping for more on still nights.

Also tried it on Double Cluster and Pleaides – OK but without the zazz of my 10″ Dobsonian! (as you’d expect 10″ just brings in the light and gives that wonderful diamonds on velvet effect I love so much!)

…..But clearly has resolution.


NGC 7000 photos from Lichfield 3-6/11/2020

These are my photos of parts of NGC 7000 this week – the main problem I have is that my mono camera simply does not have the field of view to catch the whole nebula.

Both attempts at Hubble Palette – first image shows bottom of nebula & Cygnus Wall, and the second was attempt to get part of nebula further up – located around the star HD 199870. In the second image, I kept more of the green colour when using SCNR in PixInsight (first image 100% removal, second 50% green removal).

  • Sky Watcher Equinox Pro 80mm OTA
  • HEQ5 Pro mount.
  • Altair Astro 183M mono camera
  • Baader narrowband filters.


Heart Nebula – revisited

I had previously imaged the Heart Nebula at the start of my Astrophotography journey back in May. At the time I was delighted with the image. However, 5 months on, new scope and new editing skills I thought its time to revisit this beautiful target. I have attached my previous image and the new one, that now also includes the Fish Head nebula.