“Pacman nebula ” and clusters in Cassiopeia.

Swadlincote  29/9/18 Vixen 102 Vixen lvw 22mm and lvw 5.0 mm eps, Oiii filter.

Stunningly dark , just a quick session before the moon climbed up. 4″ aperture catches open clusters , giving good contrast and colour.

Revisited the great number of open clusters in Cassiopeia. A great range here , from wide huge sparse clusters to compact dusty ones. An amusing “Loch Ness Monster ” cluster , Cr 463 showed up rearing it’s head .

I was very surprised to catch nebulosity in NGC 281 ( IC 1590 ) with an Oiii filter. Closing into the central bright star , it resolves into the delicate triple of Burnham 1.

Psi Cassiopeiae (SAO 11751 ) showed as a delightful triple , with the paired companion. I measured h2028 with the astrometric eyepiece , getting 60″ , pretty good ! Clear skies ! Old Nick.


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