Owl Nebula image from 7/4/2020 reprocessed in PixInsight 4/5/2020

I have had a go at reprocessing my RGB image of the Owl Nebula with PixInsight & some post-processing in Photoshop CS6 with ProDigital’s Astroflat Pro plug-in (to compensate for not having got my settings in PixInsight’s DBE process right). I used the instructions given to me by Rob Leonard. I am very happy with the result, as it actually looks like the Owl Nebula!

Thanks Rob for all your support and amazing tutoring!

This is an RGB image from monochrome filtered images (Altair Astro 183M camera on Sky Watcher Equinox Pro 80mm OTA) and took me just over an hour to process, I haven’t included luminance into this image but it is available so that will be my next step – to turn this RGB image into an LRGB one.


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