Owl Nebula processed by myself 6/5/2020

Following Rob Leonard’s excellent tutorial on how to process my LRGB image of the Owl Nebula in PixInsight, I have had another go on my own, using Rob’s directions from the other day. I am quite proud of the results!

  • Altair Astro 183M mono camera
  • Sky Watcher Equinox Pro 183M
  • Stacked in Nebulosity 4
  • Processed entirely thereafter in PixInsight – no use of Photoshop this time!


2 Responses

  1. That’s come out nicely Andy. Noise seems nicely suppressed, star colours are good and you don’t seem to have the bloat that was apparent the first time round. It does seem to have lost a bit of detail around the nebula itself- I wonder if it could have done with some stronger masking?

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I will have another go at using a stronger mask as you suggest – I saved the PI project file so can roll back – is there easy way of rolling back multiple steps?

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